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African feminists and the luxury of madness

African culture isn't bosom friends with women's rights. Neither is religion a known admirer of ambitious women who demand equality with men. It only requires a bit of emotional blackmail to muscle a female int… »

Charred remains of literacy in Nigeria

Sixty-five million Nigerians are illiterates, according to UNESCO. Nevertheless, the year has been moderately fine for Nigeria, having fared favorably in enviable awards, such as ranking big as the world's 148th Lea… »


With vast bodies of water, Spain is one unique nation among European countries strategically situated by Mother Nature in a beautiful geographical location. She had her independence in 12th of October, 1492.Having about… »

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Talk to the mind

In line with the visit and the heartbeat of Bill Gate, It is pertinent to appreciate him for not giving up on a nation as frustrating as Nigeria, well known for intentional philanthropism, rich in love for humanity, a no… »

Delta State; The right man for a new dawn

With the wave of change cutting across the wide and narrows of the nation today, every state not only want to share in the success story, but also is desperate to partake of the long due fresh air of true liberty and eco… »